Technotran Engineering

Our Services:

Engineering design and capabilities

High/Extra High Voltage Transmission line design
(69 kV to 380 kV)
  • Sag & Tension calculation & stringing charts
  • Plan & Profile
  • Tower Spotting
  • Access Road, Finger Road and structural pad details
  • Line Parameter Calculations
  • Grounding Calculations
  • Optimum Foundation Design
  • Tower Analysis
  • Loading tree Calculations
  • Right-of way Calculations
  • All design work related to Transmission Line
Electrical Discipline
  • Electrical & power design for residential and commercial projects
  • Low current systems. (Fire Alarm, CCTV, MATV, etc.)
  • High, medium, and Low Voltage Power Supply Distribution
  • Metering and Protection
  • Switchyard Layout
  • Control Room Layout
  • All Substation (S/S) Electrical Calculations
  • S/S Grounding
  • S/S Shielding
  • S/S Lighting and Power Layout
  • Security Lighting and Power Layout
  • System Interconnections
  • Modifications to Existing New Installation of all kinds of electrical power switchgears
  • Structural / Electrical Assembly Drawings
  • For Transmission Lines
  • Plan & Profiles
  • Sag and Tension Calculations
  • Structure List
  • All Electrical Calculations
Structural Discipline:
  • All types of Steel Structures
  • Reinforced Concrete and Pre-cast buildings
  • Poles
  • Equipment Supports
  • Foundation for Electrical Substation Equipments and Transmission Lines
  • Blast Resistant structures and buildings
  • Duct banks, Trenches, Manholes & Hand-holes
  • Gantry Truss & A- Frames and Transmission Line towers
Architectural Discipline
  • Architectural Design
  • Code Review and Compliance Studies
  • Energy Conservation
  • Landscaping, Irrigation, Lighting, Wall and Fence Design
Instrumentations & Controls:
  • P & ID Development
  • Logic Diagrams
  • ILDs
  • DCS & Aux. System Specifications
  • DCS / ESD Development
  • Control Room Layout
  • Instrument Specifications
  • Sizing Calculations
  • System Interconnections
  • Communications Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • Fire & Gas Detection Systems
  • Installation Details:
  • CCR Layouts
  • All Instrument Construction Documents
Civil Discipline
  • Master Planning

Quantity Surveying

The division provides services in fields of Quantity Surveying & Project Management for international and regional firms for construction projects in Saudi Arabia. International firms would particularly benefit from our knowledge and experience of local conditions, clients, consultants, vendors, subcontractors and government regulations. Regional firms can specially capitalize on our capabilities in Engineering, multi-discipline Estimation, modern Project Management techniques and Contract Management.

01 Pre-Award Stage Project Estimation services by TECHNOTRAN offers a cost effective and efficient way of studying and pricing projects in the region. Our experience in services listed below enables our clients to get a competitive edge over other bidders for a project.
  • Front End Engineering for lump sum turnkey projects
  • Pre-Bid Site investigation and sourcing of subcontractors and vendors
  • Preparation of Technical Proposal for Saudi Aramco, Saudi Electricity Company and Royal
  • Commission Projects
  • Quantity take off and preparation of Bill of Quantity for projects
  • Floating inquiries on behalf of our clients to obtain prices of material and equipment
  • Technical evaluation of material and equipment to check compliance to specifications
  • Estimation of Project Direct Cost
  • Estimation of Project Indirect Cost
  • Preparation of Project Schedule, Project Cashflow Plan, Manpower Histogram, Identification of Risk items
  • Evaluation / past history of Owner and Engineer
  • Evaluation of contract terms and providing summary of key contract conditions
02 Post-Award Stage Outsourcing Post award Quantity Surveying function to TECHNOTRAN offers our clients a cost effective and efficient way of handling this important project function. Post award Quantity Surveying services consist of:
  • Quantity take off and preparation of Bill of Quantity for projects
  • Preparing project budgets
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials and RFQ. (Request for Quotations)
  • Preparing subcontract bid packages and administering subcontract award process
  • Administrating Contracts and Subcontracts
  • Preparing valuations for interim payment certificates
  • Verifying subcontractor payment requests
  • Prepare and negotiate the final account for the project
  • Finalize subcontractor accounts for the project
  • Estimate cost of variations
  • Claims Review and Negotiation to protect the client against spurious claims by subcontractors and suppliers
  • Preparing and negotiating claims for additional time and cost
  • Advising and assisting clients in contractual correspondences
03 Consultation Stage Providing consultation during construction stage

Project Management

In recent years Project management techniques have grown in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately a vast majority of contractors in the region are not having a Project Management System, more over most individuals assigned as project managers have no formal training in field of project management. As the competition grows and the market opens up to foreign firms the future success of regional contractors will require effective utilization of Project Management Skills and Techniques. TECHNOTRAN has identified Project Management System as a key area for Technology Transfer in field of Construction Projects. We provide services listed below to enable our clients to get ahead of their competition.

  • Set up comprehensive Project Management System to suit our client needs, whether he be an owner, a developer or a contractor
  • Train project managers, project engineers, engineers and staff involved in projects for effective utilization of project management system
  • Periodic auditing of project management system, in order to ensure effective implementation of system and for recommending any changes to enhance the system
  • Technotran Project Office handles key project management functions for your projects
  • Specialist Project Management Staff Secondment for assignment on projects